Our Core Products


Classic Mead

Our 'purest' mead. SImply fermented honey with a dash of lemon - the yeast loves a little acidity. Drier than many meads you may try, and best enjoyed at room temperature.

Classic Sweet

Almost as uncomplicated as the Classic. SImply sweetened with a little honey, the same as we use in the initial fermentation. This one is delicious warmed or served as a long drink with ginger beer or lemonade.

Lemon & Ginger

Our most popular 'special' so now it's a regular. Made with real lemons and real ginger and sweet enough to bring out all the depth of flavour without being too sticky-sweet. Fantastic as a hot toddy in its own right, or chilled with an ice-cube on a lazy summer afternoon.

Current Specials

Fat, juicy English cherries ready to create the ost delicious fruit Mead, or Melomel.


Available soon- when the trees are in flower.
A true 'botanical' flavour. Fresh elderflowers from the garden of one of the Sandys, producing a fragrant and refreshing mead. Perfect for the early summer.


Ready in early Summer.
This brings the true fruit flavour to your palate, not a cherry sweety or a cough-drop flavour. English cherries were used to create this delicious mead.


Ready (almost) when you are.

An unusual mead. Our Classic Sweet with home grown dried chillies added (briefly) to create a distinctly warming effect without the expected explosion of heat. Always available with 48 hours notice as it is made by flavouring the finished mead.


Ready in Summer.

The richness of plum in a deep red mead with a hint of almond (Did you know almonds and plums are related?). The damsons were gifted to us by another artisan foodie, true forage (from their hedgerow). 

Other Products


Our Meads taste delicious out of a glass or tumber, but what more traditional vessel than a horn?

Perfect for drinking

All our horns are ready to use, sealed inside and easy to clean. Just no hot water, dishwasher or metal scrubbing.

With a frog (leather holder for your belt) or a stand, they are a very practical ornament.

The perfect gift

Horns can come plain or engraved. We buy the horns in and Sandy M does the engraving by hand. He uses Runes, Ogham or even Elvish to add messages to the horn.