Our Story


Why Mead?

With interests ranging from history to food to the environment, what product could be more appropriate? And it uses a by-product of our environmental friends, the bees. 

Mead is a delicious drink that seems so difficult to find. Real mead, made by fermenting honey in water, seems to be a rarity. We basically started the business so we could go places and find mead there.


How It All Started

An accidental meeting at a community archaeology event, and conversation that never stopped created a friendship where we discovered a mutual love of all things historical, natural and enjoyable. 

We, the two Sandys, decided that we needed to find a way to get great mead. And we soon found that the best way was to make it. We explored mead-making and applied decades of combined experience in home-brewing and generations of family history of making wines and meads.


The Here And Now

Once we had the basic recipe down to grammes and millilitres, we launched in 2016 with our 2 core products, Classic and Classic Sweet.  SInce then we've grown to 3 core products (the Lemon and Ginger is as popular as any) and a rolling programme of seasonal specials.

We love making our meads, and we love sharing them with fellow lovers of all things delicious. So now the two Sandys have a company allowing us to to do just that.

Our philosophy is simple - never make anything we wouldn't be happy to drink ourselves. And believe me, we're fussy! We never use sugars to bolster the alcohol, we use real fruits and spices and we never EVER use poisons to manage the fermentation.