Purchase Options

Sizes and quantities

Bottles - traditional 75cl clear glass bottles that allow you to enjoy the delectable colours of the different styles.

PolyPins - These are cardboard boxes that hold the mead in strong flexible plastic bags. They come in 3 litre and 5 litre as standard. 

Gift bottles - on request we can source 25 cl or 50 cl bottles for special events or gifts.


Order Quantities and Prices

We can arrange delivery of any quantity from 1 bottle to multiple cases.

Delivery is free within 10 miles of Derby and then varies according to quantity and distance. We will always choose the most cost effective option unless you have a specific preference.

All the prices below are retail and  before delivery cost.

Up to five 75 cl bottles are £15 each regardless of flavour. 

Cases of 6 are £80, 12 are £160.

Polypins are priced simply at £20 per litre.

Please contact us direct for trade prices and quantities.


Contact Us

Remember - you must be over 18 to order or receive alcoholic drinks

Outside the UK that may vary




Of course you can message us at any time - we'll reply as soon as we can, but responses are generally quicker to a text or call.